I would like to thank the following individuals who have been important in generating the information and instruction presented on this website. They do not, however, bear any of the blame for errors. I am solely responsible for any errors.

Malia Bailey, former Assistant Coach of the U.S. National Racquetball Team and Special Consultant to the William and Mary Racquetball Team, who has patiently coached me for years. I know I am a great disappointment to her, but it is not her fault.

Jason Mannino and Fran Davis, who run the best racquetball camp in the world.   I am a two-time graduate of Fran's camps and much of what is on this website comes from my experience there. I also want to thank Jason individually for giving me permission to use video clips featuring him. It is a rare thing when the number one player in the world takes time to talk to an ordinary civilian. Jason is an excellent instructor as well as a great athlete.

I would also like to thank Lynn Adams and Jack Newman, who ran the first racquetball camp I ever attended (the legendary America's Most Wanted Racquetball Camp). Lynn and Jack showed me for the first time that it was possible to think logically about racquetball. I am also a two-time graduate of their camp and most of what they taught me then is still true today.

Thanks to my first racquetball instructors, Tim Pollock and Eric Williams, I am still using many of the tips they taught me years ago.

Finally, I want to thank Jim Farr, Coach of the William and Mary Baseball Team, who taught me the baseball swing..