Backhand grip, continued


Let the edge where the bevel meets the top on the left side of the racquet be 11 o'clock, the edge of the bevel near the left side 10 o'clock, and the middle of the flat left side 9 o'clock.

For the standard backhand grip, shake hands with the racquet and rotate it so that the V between your thumb and forefinger is at 11 o'clock, over the left hand bevel edge.
Keep the racquet down in your fingers, not up in the palm of your hand. Keep your grip loose and relaxed.

Standard backhand grip

For a more aggressive backhand grip, put the V of your hand at 10 o'clock.

10 o['clock backhand grip

Finally, the most extreme backhand grip, the "frying pan" grip is achieved by rotating the racquet such that the V is at 9 o'clock, in the middle of the left side of the handle. The frying pan generates the most power, but is very difficult to control.

Frying pan grip

The standard backhand generates the least power, but is much more forgiving and easier to control. The 10 o'clock backhand is a compromise. It generates more power, but is also less forgiving than the standard grip.


When you hit the ball with your forehand the palm of your hand absorbs the shock. When you hit the ball with the backhand, you are relying on the one point of contact with your thumb to take the shock. For this reason, some players put their thumb on the back side of the racquet handle in the backhand for additional support.


Another way to make sure you have a good backhand grip is to hold the racquet with your left hand so that it is perpendicular to the floor. Place it against your left side as if it is a sword in a sheath. This is exactly like the forehand example, except the racquet is vertical instead of horizontal. Reach across your body and grab the handle with your right hand. Draw your sword from its sheath. Extend the pointer finger and thumb. This is the standard backhand grip.

You should practice changing your grip until it becomes second nature to switch grips during play.


If you find yourself skipping the ball frequently, you might want to check your grip and perhaps change to a less extreme grip. If you want more power, you might try a more aggressive grip.