The William and Mary Way is to use your brain and play smart.

Fundamentally good stroke technique (requires that you be coachable and practice).

Good court position (center court, behind dotted line, eye on ball, down and ready).

Conservative shot selection

                    The three primary shots: pass, pass, pass.

Only hit a pinch, splat, or kill if: (1) you are within 30 feet of the front wall, (2) your opponent is behind you, and (3) the ball is below your knee.

If you are off balance or otherwise under stress, hit to the ceiling. If your opponent hits a ceiling ball, think offense first. If the ceiling ball is short, hit a pass, if it is long, hit a pass.

Hit ‘em where they ain’t.

Effective serve
  Vary your serves. Take your time in the service box. Choose a serve. Visualize hitting the perfect serve. Check your opponent. Hit the first (drive) serve short. Use the targets.
Effective serve return.
  Cut off the serve before is reaches the back wall, if possible. Hit a passing shot. Don’t try to kill it. Take it to the ceiling if you can’t comfortably hit it on the short- or mid-hop. Try to slip your racquet under a good drive serve into the corner and flick it to the ceiling. 
Your brain is your best asset. Use it.
  Practice visualization, on and off the court, especially before tournaments.

Be positive (no negative thoughts). Enjoy the process.

Be confident and project confidence. (If you are not confident, fake it).

Be relaxed and loose. Play at ¾ speed.

Focus: what you are doing is the same as what you are thinking.

Play in the now. Don’t worry about winning or losing. Winning is simply more likely when you are playing smart, relaxed, loose, focused, and with confidence.